Welcome to my Gallery page. Please feel free to go through some of my latest work.

To make things easy, I’ve categorised my images based on medium as opposed to subject matter as most of the images would fit in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre.

  • Photo Manipulations
3D Creations

This category includes any 3D images I've created. I'll list the particular 3D app's used for each image but they're mainly Vue, Poser and Strata3D CX


This is where I'll keep my sketches. Mostly on a scrap piece of paper and a biro (bic 'orange-fine' is the weapon of choice)! This will include some of my more 'unfinished' rough sketches in the fullness of time or I'd make another gallery just for that.

Digital Paintings

This category includes images that I've painted using a graphics tablet in Adobe Photoshop.


This category contains a sampling of Vector artwork that I've produced for various clients and projects.

Adventure Maps

These are maps I've created for table-top role-playing games making use of 3D, photos, hand drawn elements or a combination of the above.

Photo Manipulations

This category includes any image that has just used multiple photos as it's source and manipulated with Adobe Photoshop with the intention of creating a realistic 'photo'.